“There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home…”





In the past two weeks, no fewer than three women have told me – word for word:

“I really want you to have children; your genetics need to carry on.”



I share this not out of a need for praise or adulation but to point out something I believe has gone incompletely addressed in our circle.

That is, why women are attracted to men who engage in “risky behaviors” and “demonstrate expendability”.

In fairness, the surface has been scratched by many with with the statement:

“Women like the thrill/vicarious existence.”

Although there is some veracity to that, I believe it’s not the whole, deeper Truth.



Certainly, women are the pragmatic gender [as I’ve affirmed many, many times], so avoiding danger while gaining the thrill is a viable, predictable strategy.

But what about that makes it specifically sexually attractive, rather than simply a day to day method to be engaged in with anyone sans an erotic component?

By which I mean, those “dangerous, dare-devil men” are never “just friends”.



The answer is simple and – like all things between men and women – not at all “romantic”:

The parts of a machine most in need of replacement are the ones that are most assiduously replaced.

Remember, the goal of male/female interaction is, at its core, simply reproduction.

Why don’t women respond with intense sexual desire for an accountant?

Because there really isn’t an urgent need to replace his genetics.

Thus, barring other powerful motivating factors, he’s overlooked.



This is also why a man can seem to have absolutely nothing else going for him, yet be desired by many women.

See, females are life-creating machines.

That’s why they are here.

It’s their #1 biologically programmed goal.

In fact, their bodies are built for little else [as cruel as that may seem].



So, trip the trigger for them to feel the need to put more life on the planet, and you validate them in the deepest, most powerful recesses of their minds —

Then find yourself on the top of their list.



26 Responses to ““There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home…””

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  2. Gonna need to think on this. As usual.

  3. theshadowedknight Says:

    Before I forget them, my first impression is twofold.

    Letting women decide which parts of civilization should be perpetuated seems to be going poorly. They do not appear to be up to the task in question.


    If women need to be sated with death, if women need that balance of death to go with life, then men will be all too glad to provide it. Careful what you wish for.

    Oh, and what happens to balance out the lives that were lost or never were by the hands of women? That wish may not be all what they think.

    The Shadowed Knight

  4. I get women would say “genetics” as the pragmatic thing but it got me to thinking in their subconscious….

    Are women are attracted to your heart (personality) and that’s what they want to pass on into their children?

  5. aquietmimic Says:

    I think the other fundamental core that male/female interactions are also for their own good (matrimony). Separate that core, and we are nothing but animals who fuck to survive this harsh world. And I think it neglects the purpose of this life, which is to seek the Kingdom of God.

    Ace, how does one become the man women desire in the depths of their hearts without being needy and pedestalish?

    Blessed to see you write once again.

  6. Great choice of tune! Although I think the best line is “no one will cry at my funeral”. I think our iPods look very similiar.

    You are likely right with this view. Perhaps the reason they feel this way is that everyone can be taught to be an accountant but few can have the laissez faire attitude towards death and mortality cultivated. Well, outside of a combat zone, anyways.

    Now, as to whether this is a good thing for mankind to have or not, I leave up to the learned thinkers in Donal, Cail, Deti, Dalrock et al.

  7. She’ll chase you because you’ll fulfill a need, a need to keep a piece of you, considering that if you are a man who exhibits “risky behaviors” and “demonstrates expendability”, you will seem to be so elusive and rare as to make her want to capture a bit of you. You’re an exotic beautiful butterfly that none of her friends have caught yet.

    But the most important part to peg her on is this: your sons won’t be at all like the man she wanted so badly if he’s not around to teach them. She wants to bear your children that someone like you will be in the world, marriage material for the little girls she can see herself in. When she found you, her fantasy came true. She wants to pay it forward, selfishly of course, but to your benefit. And the sneakiest, most back-ass-wards way you can find to tell her that, hopefully through a jealous bestie, is the way to hang her on the marital hook.

    If she won’t bite the wedding ring, don’t fuck her at all. It’s not worth the risk. She’ll only mourn the loss of you to the point of abusing your genetic material, punishing the for losing you. And your progeny deserve only the best father and mother.

    (i’m prepared to be dissected on this one. Fire away.)

    • No dissection is forthcoming.

      In fact, I greatly appreciate the thoughtful and well-stated comment.

      Not to mention, food for some serious thought.

      Thank you.

  8. Qui audet adipiscitur

    Who Dares Wins.

    This is a fundamental rule of nature. To the winner goes the spoils.

    Losers, on the other hand, gain nothing. Whether genetics or athletics, those who fail are forgotten and ultimately disappear.

    There are two types of losers, however. Those who sometimes lose, and those who always lose. The reckless dare-devil? He is a sometimes loser… and sometimes winner. But the soft accountant? He is an always loser/ Why? Because he never dares. He always takes the easy way, the safe way. As a result he is never a winner.

    Women don’t want a loser. At least, someone who is always a loser. Women want, no, desire a winner.

    Women cannot tell who will always win. But they can tell who will always lose. And they want nothing to do with those men (if at all possible).

    A daredevil will sometimes lose. But sometimes they will win, and win big. That is what matters to women. They seek out such men, they want to have their children (or have them have children). Does this carry risk, sometimes great risk? Sure. But remember:

    Who Dares Wins.

    And that applies to women just as much as men.

    • theshadowedknight Says:

      Donal, I think that you mean something like this. Which helps explain why always winning is as bad for a man as being a loser. You take away the rush if you never fail.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • TSK, I don’t think my comments are mutually exclusive. They just approach it from a different angle.

      • theshadowedknight Says:

        Oh, I agree. I wanted to point that out, so that others can see where you are going.

        The Shadowed Knight

  9. Missed closing the tag after the first “always lose.”

  10. LOL in the last two weeks I’ve had two women say they wanted me to be their kept man and one married lady say she wants to carry my baby

    I specialize in risky behaviours.

  11. If the goal is to control everything, what better way than to encourage the self-destructors to fulfill? The vacuum will be filled by those who remain, now in the manner they wish, without the primary threat of the fearless in their path.

  12. It basically boils down to hunting. Hunting was extremely dangerous and difficult task in our early stages of evolution, pre-development of spear throwing. Testosterone enabled the male species of humanity to hunt animals with little more than bravery, ferocity and raw strength. This eventually created a brains arms race, we developed the knife, the spear and the ability to throw that spear, then traps, and so on. And that is why social status is such a turn on for women, the greatest weapon became the ability to build a male following ie hunting party.

    And I think this is the key to understanding female nature. Women became the prey of men too. This is why bride kidnapping was so popular. Women are seen as prizes to hunt/capture before other men do the same.

    So female nature is to catch the hunters eye, then fight and run for their lives, but when one is strong enough to capture/them their destiny is to be consumed by them body and soul.

    This is why sex and death are so connected. Unlike for a man, when a woman is under the gaze of the male hunter, her entire being catches fire, because her destiny is close at hand.

  13. Followed a comment thread from another blog to a post on yours. After reading that post, I read your other posts, from the previous year forward (out of curiousity).

    You, sir, have a sublime way with words.

    Please keep writing. And I say that knowing my request is most selfish.

  14. In fact, their bodies are built for little else [as cruel as that may seem].

    I can’t see how this fact is cruel at all.

    Having a body built for creating the most intelligent life the world has ever seen (at the least), or a soul (at most)? Hell, an engineer would be green with envy. Men pale in comparison.

  15. Ace, your video is broken. Here’s a working video.

    • Also – after reading this post about six months after I first read it, I’d say, I can see subconsciously why I am drawn to the profession of arms as is my entire patrilineal line is and was (brother was in army as well).

      Soldiers in most times are assiduously replaced, and even though technology dampens that effect, it’s only been doing that well for maybe 200 years – not long enough to compete with the female limbic system, which was developed over thousands of years.

      I’m lucky in a sense – I’m not afraid of death in a sense. I was born 3 months early and were it not for the decision of my father to perform surgery on me, I’d be dead in purgatory right now. I could have already been dead. Therefore, as long as I am on the path of my own choosing, which I am, death concerns me little.


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