“Live and learn from fools and from sages…”






It’s a trope around these parts:


Red Pill/Blue Pill




Now, I think that’s a fine analogy [derived from the film The Matrix].


Simple to grasp.


Simple to convey.


And as we all know:


Brevity is the soul of wit.




However, when one learns enough, the analogy seems to break-down (if only slightly).


Even the inestimable Rollo Tomassi (who’s had a tremendous effect on me) has begun particular posts only to have them change midstream.


As he finds himself realizing yet another level of what many term “the Matrix”.


Being the cinephile I am, I choose to look at the issues we, as a whole, confront more from the Inception side of things:


Each and every one of us in a shared dream.


Sadly, all too often, thinking we are alone in it.


It’s then we believe we awaken and find, somewhat pleasantly, ourselves accompanied.




Yet, if we look carefully, we’re in but another dream.


The top is, in fact, still spinning.


The cure, they say, for the deleterious effects of the Blue pill is to continually improve.


Which, again, is why I have the view I do.




It’s not about “manning up”.


It’s about waking up.


It’s often stated that most women “don’t live in reality”.


It’s also frequently stated that “men are the new women”.


With both ideas firmly in mind, where does one exist if not in reality?






Plus, the crux of the attacks on feminism is always the same, if put in differing language:


Feminists are trying to make their dreams reality.


This is why failure is all but assured.


Like a dream of flying, it cannot circumvent the laws of physics.


Certainly, we can build airplanes, etc…


But one will never fly unaided.




Countless scientists, inventors and artists have used dreams to create, no doubt.


But those creations have always – must always – be fashioned within the parameters of physical laws.


Regardless of forced perspective, smoke and mirrors.


13 Responses to ““Live and learn from fools and from sages…””

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  2. Maybe I should read some more of your earlier writing. Jesus this is haunting!

    Good post.

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