“So many fellas run they mouth, and so few of them know…”




As I’ve stated before, one of the best pieces of advice a man can receive is:


“Just be yourself”


As previously stated, a lot of flak gets shot at the statement.


And I’ve addressed the fact that I disagree with most of its detractors.


Along with exactly why that is.


Yet, I’ve neglected to mention the benefits of such.




The benefits are threefold:


1} Your odds are much better finding a gal to complement you if you let her know exactly what she should match. If you keep giving someone the wrong combination, you’re a fool to be surprised when they can’t open the safe.


2} As first revealed to me by the inestimable Peter Steele – “It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.” The more honest a man is about his desires, his goals and his needs, the more likely any woman he finds will be able to meet, support and fulfill them. Don’t believe me? Next time your car breaks down, ask someone to repair your refrigerator. Then call me and let me know how that car of yours is running. The absurd situation I mention is exactly the same as playing relationship Three-card Monte. She can’t find – and fulfill – your needs if you keep her eyes focused in the wrong place.


3} Honesty is the armor of relationships – romantic and otherwise. Sure, it’ll repel some (if you’re me, many, in fact). But that’s a feature, not a bug. Some will leave. Distressing, in the short-run, but nature abhors a vacuum. Someone will come along and fill it. It may take time but, then, anything worth having does.



Now, understand – like pretty much everything I say – this takes work; it’s a hard road to hoe and will come with no small amount of heartache.


But the end result will be sweeter than you’d guess.




6 Responses to ““So many fellas run they mouth, and so few of them know…””

  1. Fuckin’ gold man. Coincidentally, had an argument about this exact same topic last night, and I said that I’d rather be honest and alone than live a lie. Great timing.

    That Peter Steele quote hit hard – copied to my commonplace.

    • 5k40,

      Thanks, brother.

      Sincerely appreciate the kind words and supremely glad you found it relevant to your current situations.

      As for the Peter Steele quote:

      Oh, man, do I hear you on that.


      Stay well,


  2. Yup. The other thing that people forget is that, if being yourself only attracts women you abhor, think about what it says about who you are. Then act accordingly.

    • Chad,

      Excellent point and a great lesson to take to heart.

      Side note: Many thanks for sharing my other post on other sites.

      Sincerest best to you & yours,


  3. Love the Thornley kick you’re on recently with the tunes!

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