“When, all in all, we’re just like you…”



So, you’re an introvert?

And you want to get girls?

Well, I’m here to tell you:

You’re much further ahead in the game than you think you are.



See, here’s the terrible Truth:

Women don’t give a shit what you think.

What you say.

And absolute least of all, what you feel.

So the very fact you’re not up for sharing puts you well ahead of guys like me.

[I’m an emotional bulimic; I vomit my opinions and frustrations constantly.]



That being said, here’s all you need to do:

1} Get in the best shape you can.

2} Hygiene – practice it well.

3} Read a few book-compilations of famous quotes; memorize a bunch of your favorites.

4} Take dance classes; women will be forced to work with you.



Now, you’ve done the above, yes?


When conversations with women end up starting:

1} Ask questions. The only women I know that don’t like to talk about themselves and their feelings are dead. Even then, I still sometimes get the sense they’re chatting away on another plane of existence. Now you’re going to tell me: “But what if I don’t care about [whatever she’s saying]?” Surprise, none of us do. Welcome to the party. I love the sound of a woman’s voice but if I had to actually listen to every word that came out of her mouth, I’d throw myself in front of a bus.

2} Let your facial expressions speak for you. Throw in an apt quote, now and then. It makes you seem pensive, thoughtful, clever, and as if you give a shit. All of those things are good.

3} Don’t hesitate to break in and change the conversation. Or simply say “let’s just dance/drink/see the sights for a while”. This will tell her you have your own mind and interests. Plus, she’ll make stuff up in her head about what’s going on inside you. Bonus points: Say “Your story has become tiresome.” playfully and with a smirk, once in a great while.



Now, this method probably won’t get you a high notch count (but it’ll be higher than you think, trust me on that).

But, if you’re a True introvert-male:

You’re not after that.

You’re after a couple good, fun girls.

And this should do the trick nicely.


11 Responses to ““When, all in all, we’re just like you…””

  1. I’ve done all 4 of those things…I’ll testify that they work.

    Plus I’ve found talking less in conversations with a woman works better than yammering on about nothing.

  2. Interesting how you put things. I wonder if the apparent lack of extroverts in the manosphere is due to the fact that most of them already have a girlfriend and satisfying love life. Sure, to the naked it eye, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s good enough for them and that’s what counts.

    I often don’t express affection or thoughts much through words until I get comfortable with it enough (which takes months). At most, I’m physically affectionate. I wonder if that’s part of the charm.


  3. I know I rarely post on topic but I do love your musical selection. Played the hell out of this when it came out.

    Silence for the win with women.

  4. Like Carnegie wrote, you become interesting when you’re interested in other people.

    What you’ve written’s right on the mark. Introversion or extroversion has little to do with being an interesting person. It comes down to being interested, asking questions, and knowing what to do next.

    A female friend once said “Half of what we say is meaningless,” in much the same way Lennon began in “Julia.” In my experience, when a woman wants a man to know or remember something, she’ll let him know. The same goes for when she wants his advice.

    Carry on.

  5. […] Quick guide to getting women for introverts. […]

  6. “Say “Your story has become tiresome.” playfully and with a smirk, once in a great while”

    …and soon she will appreciate a warm hand on her opening.

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