“The look on your face don’t deceive me; I told you before, so believe me…”





After we’ve been dating for a few weeks, I take a moment that is pleasant – not exciting, dramatic or particularly memorable – but pleasant.


Then stop it with gentleness and firmness.


Looking her in the eyes, holding her gaze – like a father would his child – I say:


You know, if you’re ever discontent here (in this relationship) or feel you could do better


I want you to leave.




I give her a moment to grasp the statement.


Then I go on with the day.


I’ve done this with more than one woman.


And I’ll do it with every one of them until the day I die.




I make this proclamation to her/them for a few reasons:


1} Women, being the ultimate pragmatists, will do it anyway.


Thus, my words are actually of little consequence.


2} Speaking such aloud is an icy reminder for myself that – at the end of the day – we are together at her whim.


Nothing more; nothing less.


3} It puts the frame under my control, even when it’s not.


In fact, especially when it’s not.




Permit me to be clear, the sincerity of my statement is total.


Regardless of my reasons.


I Truly want her contentment.


And I very much want her gone if I’m not her primary concern.




Personally, I find it best to play with all my cards on the table.


Since I only need one.






3 Responses to ““The look on your face don’t deceive me; I told you before, so believe me…””

  1. […] “The look on your face don’t deceive me; I told you before, so believe me…” […]

  2. Ace … great point. There really is not way to “keep” a woman – we can debate it till we are all blue in the face, but it’s true. Acceptance of that small little fact, is all important, if you choose to enter into any type of relationship with a woman.

    We’ve chatted about this, when a Man commits, it’s deep and true. Whether that commitment to is to a woman, to a job, to a task, to a friend, to his family – once that commitment is given, it is fully bonded and almost impossible to separate.

    The problem is, we expect woman to have the same attitude to commitment – they don’t and never will. Which is why, if (or possibly more accurately when) a woman leaves, we are devastated and lost. All of sudden our anchor is gone – our footing is no longer sure – and we experience “motion” sickness as we drift.

    There is nothing wrong with either side of that equation – it is what it is – for Men, we need to realize that our commitment comes with the potential of a personal price – and when it comes due, the only way is get through it. Use the same commitment to get back on your feet, that you had when you were there.

  3. What effect have you found this to have? I find this fascinating.

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