“She’ll make the stars applaud when she sits back down…”



The following study was briefly a topic of conversation in our little corner of the internet:


The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness






Now, I’ve heard plenty of thoughts and conjecture as to the reason for the decline.


But I’ve yet to see someone get it right.


Care to take a shot?


Go ahead…


“Because men aren’t ‘manning up’.”




“Because the economy is rapidly draining the pool of desirable (Alpha) men.”




“Because the “self-esteem” and “empowerment” trends have caused women to price themselves out of the market.”


Strike 3; you’re out.




Here’s the answer:


It’s because women have stopped trying to please men in favor of trying to please women.


And they’re learning just how impossible a task that is.


See, men (or should I say “Men”) have known not to bother trying to please women.


It’s a Sisyphean endevour.


Men learned that women want one thing and one thing only.


That is, to quote The Rude Guy:






Like so many things I say, it dovetails with Game concepts such as:


Never cater to women.


Never try to please them.


Always put your own needs first and make them the priority.


Make your life your own and let women visit, it now and then.


Women were happier back then simply because the “job” they had was relatively easy to accomplish.


They’ve since traded it for an impossibility.




So, good luck with that stone, Ladies.


It’s heavy as Hell.


And I mean that literally.






7 Responses to ““She’ll make the stars applaud when she sits back down…””

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  2. For many of us men these days, this is a lesson that has to be drilled into our heads over and over again.

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  5. A highly, highly underrated post.


  6. Always more and never enough

    Black holes of want being confused with need

    Needs are easy to meet. Breathe sleep eat drink

    The wants will fuck you up everytime

  7. […] Which is exactly why they are in ► the lamentable position they currently occupy ◄. […]

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