“The order is for murder, and we’ve been there before…”

The Gunfight: A Primer

1} DON’T GET IN ONE. RUN. CALL THE FUCKING COPS. They get paid for this bullshit, have body–armor and a shit–ton of well–armed/trained friends.

[In case you’ve no choice:]

2} You should have a .45 or .357 Magnum. Everything else is too weak or Hollywood bullshit.

3} You should have been practicing a great deal with a .22. The ammo is much cheaper and the principles of shooting never change.

4} The first, best shot wins. Want to know why Doc Holiday is a legendary gunfighter? Because he knew he was already dead (Tuberculosis was terminal/untreatable). So he was patient, took his time and made the shot. Most guns are NEVER EVEN FIRED IN WARFARE. Because healthy human beings:

a) Do not want to kill another human.


So, if you’re hoping to live through the battle, it’s less likely you will. Red–pill readers are already well–versed in how most of the tactics that get us through life are paradoxical, thus this should be unsurprising.



Many states do not permit citizens to carry but if you live where you can, understand:

You should be just as willing (if not moreso) to die as you are to kill.


6 Responses to ““The order is for murder, and we’ve been there before…””

  1. I’ve been in two gunfights. Surprisingly, neither of them was when I was a Marine. Both were when I was a drug dealer. The only thing I can remember is absolute terror and amazing clarity. I won’t go any more into detail since I could be found through newspaper articles about the incidents. I got off clean in both situations and I don’t want to do time for them now.

    Your advice is sound. The most important thing is to aim. Don’t just spray bullets.

  2. I almost had to shoot someone once on my way to work. It was a road rage situation – two lanes to turn left, but this guy wanted to use both. The physics of the situation didn’t allow him to do so without crashing into me.

    He floored it & started making S turns in front of me until he finally parked across both lanes blocking me. I had my trusty .38, so I got that out as he got out of his truck.

    Time slowed down to a crawl & I rolled down my window so that i had a clear shot & then I saw the school crossing just past him with kids in the crosswalk. I knew I could hit him though – I’ve always been a really good shot – & I have Glaser Safety slugs, so the shot wouldn’t be coming out the back or anything.

    He was walking towards me & I didn’t see a gun or anything, but I wasn’t going to let him drag me out of the car & beat me. Right as I was about to take aim & shoot & kill him (I hadn’t shown my gun) he stops, turns around, gets back into his truck & leaves.

    I have the benefit now of knowing that I will shoot & kill, but I didn’t actually have to do so. I didn’t want to mainly because I would be taken in & treated like a criminal for a few hours even though my state has the “Make My Day” law in place & I have my concealed carry.

    It was eerie how time slowed down & my thinking got really sharp. I almost puked from the adrenaline after it was all over & done with. I just pulled off to a side street & kind of shook for a minute or two. I was fully ready to kill.

    I still get freaked out thinking about it; my heart is racing right now & I feel a little sick to my stomach, lol.

    • I’m very glad you did not have to do it.

      For a multitude of reasons.

      Thanks for reading and your comment.

      • Me too. If it still affects me coming that close, imagine if it had gone further. Plus, everyone is someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister, parent, etc.

  3. Love the feel of this.

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