“Just like smoke that fades and makes no sound…”


Donal Graeme penned an absolutely brilliant, eloquent and in–depth explanation of my work while melding it with his own:


I am compelled to say, these past few days have given me a tremendous and wonderful feeling of vindication.

More than a few in the ‘sphere have recently mentioned – online or in private conversations – that there is much greater and deeper wisdom in my work than would appear at a glance.

The reason Donal’s post, specifically, lifts my spirit is that he proves what I said to Lucky Lothario here:

I have said, countless times:

80–Proof Oinomancy was not chosen on a whim.

Am I “the smartest man in the ‘sphere”?

No, I don’t believe I am.

Do I possess a vision that few – if anyone, at all – shares?


Very much so.


Everything I write, from the lyrics I choose to the final line of the post to tone itself, is crafted to have meaning.

Meaning to those that are ready to hear the message, at any rate.

In fact, the post you see as gibberish today will be clear tomorrow.

Or next week.

Or next year.

I’ve been doing this for nine years.

I know that of which I speak.

It’s my mission.


Do I have a “messiah complex”?

Definitely not.

I have, instead, a “John the Baptist” complex.

My poverty and bad neighborhood are my “camel–hair shirt”.

Who am I?

I’m Tesla feeding pigeons by the waterside.

I’m Preston Tucker working in his first garage.

I’m H.P. Lovecraft scribbling in Providence at dusk.

I’m van Gogh* painting with materials his brother purchased.

I’m nobody now.

I’ll likely be nobody until I die.

But I know my place in the grand scheme.

I’ve seen it.

* https://twitter.com/VManosphere/status/328209810858340352





15 Responses to ““Just like smoke that fades and makes no sound…””

  1. Everything I write, from the lyrics I choose to the final line of the post to tone itself, is crafted to have meaning.

    A modern day Oracle you are.

  2. Would this scene be an accurate description? It’s becoming moreso for me.

    “I am in a world of shit…but I am alive and I am not afraid.”

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  4. maybe I’m a little confused but reading the linked work here, it seems to be saying many problems are “infrastructrural” or, dare I say, institutional. That seems to go against the general trend of the man-0-sphere where there seems to be a “will to power”/”pull yourself up by the bootstraps” attitude…

    ie the difference between saying one is unemployed because of a bad economy where productivity rises but wages stagnate vs. saying one is unemployed because they are a lazy bum….

    or the difference between saying one is fat because of high fruitcose corn syrup/indoor lighting/changes in food processing and trans fats or saying one is fat because they are too lazy to work out and they are too undisciplined to stop eating…

    am I missreading?

    • No, SWAB, you are not misreading.

      As I have stated, many times, I often find myself going against both the grain of society and that of the ‘sphere.

      The only mistake you make in your interpretation is defaulting to dichotomous thinking.

      And you are far from the only one that commits such an error.

      In fact, that’s how the System controls you.

      It presents, from your earliest days, only two choices in most endeavors.

      All the while, making certain that both are in the best interests – directly or circuitously – of the presenter.

  5. It’s why your blog is one of my favorites. Sometime all one can do is open a door and it’s up to others to choose to walk through it.

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  7. glad i happened upon your page

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