“I cannot be otherwise, no matter what you do…”



This was a series of tweets of mine that has been requested as a post.

The wisdom below was hard won on my part and been proven True by my experiences.


Rule of Leadership #1: A king without subjects is nothing more than a landowner. Forever remember this.

Rule of Leadership #2: There are no men beneath you. There are only men that share and fight for your [mutual] cause. Ranking is for effective, efficacious organization. Nothing less; nothing more.

Rule of Leadership #3: Expecting another man to do what you will not is foolish, misguided and the beginning of the end.

Rule of Leadership #4: It is best to be both loved and feared. Like any good father.

Rule of Leadership #5: Men love their lives, regardless of hardships. Do not ask them to sacrifice them lightly. [See Rule #3]

Rule of Leadership #6: Justice and fairness may not be found in nature. But it is the leader’s job to create it and make it known.

Rule of Leadership #7: Most men serve one. The leader serves all.

Rule of Leadership #8: If the crown seems made of gold, then you’re not yet fit to wear it.

Rule of Leadership #9: Apportion credit and blame with equal alacrity and intensity.

Rule of Leadership #10: The leader has the final say but that gives him no right to deny the voice of his men.

Rule of Leadership #11: Excluding only the most egregious offenses, praise publicly; chastise privately.

Rule of Leadership #12 [One of the most difficult]: In most victories, credit your men. In most failures, take the blame.

Rule of Leadership #13 [The Ominous]: The weapons you give your men can easily be used on you. Forever remember that.





6 Responses to ““I cannot be otherwise, no matter what you do…””

  1. docillusion Says:

    Heavy should be the head that wears the crown. Any man who really wants to lead is probably not the best leader, since he clearly doesnt grasp the responsibility.

    The men of my company who would make the best leaders refuse the positions, as I often do. Because they realize the money is not worth the responsibility.

  2. If the crown seems made of thorns, then you are fit to wear it.

  3. lauratheringmistress Says:

    C.S. Lewis once noted that women ought not to envy men their crowns, for in the pagan world it is made of paper, and in the Christian, thorns.

    Also, Doc Illusion’s comment is why my husband and I are monarchists (among many other reasons). Place authority in a man raised to the job. Distribute power to the level most appropriate to the task at hand. And don’t ever hand over either to men that want those.

  4. Leadership can take many forms in a Man’s life. It’s important to learn the tenets of being good leaders. Although, I would say, that it’s more important to learn how to be a good student and “follower” first.

    If you’re young and reading this – always be seeking a mentor, a teacher. Always seek out the best leaders to follow. And once you get the opportunity to lead, understand that only a fool will not be afraid to fail – but this is your time lean into the fear and feel the exhilaration of truly living your life.

    If you’re older and reading this – always be willing to teach and share your knowledge – even if it is only tales of failure. Be willing to be lead even by those younger than you – and never feel you are too old to learn and grow – always look to lead/guide other Men as opportunities arise. Never let fear keep you from living your life.

    • The problem now is that most leaders will tell everyone else that they “need to learn to follow first,” but never train them how to lead or give them any opportunities to try it. The result is that we have tons of men who know how to follow well, and could make effective leaders, but are never “allowed/permitted” to step into leadership positions because the current leaders won’t get out of the way until they’re old/dead. In the present world, men must “learn to follow first,” but are never told that they will always be following and that there is no upward mobility into leadership roles. One doesn’t need to be an effective follower for 30 years to figure out how to lead. they need to learn how to lead, and most leaders now don’t even know how to lead. they just like telling people to follow them.

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