“…saeclum in favilla”




On this, my ten year anniversary of writing online, I’ve a few things to share.


By all 21st century measurements, I am a failure.

I have few hit-counts [comparatively].

I am unmarried.

I am childless.

I am not famous.

I am neck-deep in penury.

There is, however, another way to look at me.



I have coined terms.

Begun small social movements.

Planted ideas.

Questioned wisdom and authority, both conventional and unconventional.

Leading others to do the same.

Caused men [and women] to question themselves, their beliefs, their actions.



It has been said “Only God can judge”.

That’s not entirely True.

Time is the judge of much, as well.



Both men and ideas exist, in a way, beyond the age that birthed them.

Men – specifically their ideas and individual missions – are as stones thrown into water.

Though they themselves sink to the point of invisibility, the ripples caused remain seen and efficacious beyond the initial impact.



To the uninitiated, I am a “blogger”.

To the slightly wiser, I am a “writer”.

To those with True vision, I am an “engraver”.

I carve thoughts, ideas and images onto the minds of those who’s attention I gain.

And, liked or disliked; loved or hated, those etchings are not easily erased.



I cannot tell if my time here [at this place, literally, and another] has been wasted.

Even I lack such sight.

But I know:

God will judge my soul.

Time will judge my mission.

And I pray both are, one day, found worthy.





14 Responses to ““…saeclum in favilla””

  1. Trust me, the lack of hit-counts can be a blessing in disguise. The week I got a half million hits was when I almost lost my job and livelihood to the SJW mob. You’re talking to who has ears to hear, and that’s something.

    I’ve come to the realization that the average person can’t be persuaded, and that’s by design. The average person has too much invested in the system. They need to keep it going to keep the payouts coming. If the system is wrong, their life is meaningless. They will do anything to keep the voice in their heads crying foul quiet. Except they can’t do that. The next best thing is to silence you and me, the avatars of their inner voice given flesh.

    The only way to offer meaningful change is to wean those still devoted to the false way into reality. It’s a face-to-face process, and one I’m engaged in with several people. From the first memories of Sesame Street inducing political insanity to the bachelors degree commencement, what you’re telling them will shake the entire foundation of their existence. It’s uncomfortable. It hurts.

    There’s a reason apostles got chased out of cities. It hurts to believe. It hurts to be part of the resistance (rather than the false revolution). You feel alone and you feel outnumbered. It takes a Spartan (or Ultonian) heart to prevail. I pray for the best. Maybe some day we won’t have to hide our names and our beliefs.

  2. You my Friend are worthy. I enter this place, and out of respect, I take off my shoes, walk quietly and sit still – contemplating the words spoken, questioning many – but always with respect.

    You bring a voice to the world, you send ideas out – like a radio wave, without any ability to control where they might go.

    Congrats on the 10 years. When you were talking about not having success – I am reminded of Bamboo and how it grows – first building a very strong root system, then all of sudden, it shoots to the sky, almost growing before your eyes.

    So, really, you never know do you?

    • Tin Man,

      Over the past 48 your words have been more of help to me than I could ever convey to you.

      Thank you.

      For all of them.

      Every one.

  3. […] “…saeclum in favilla” […]

  4. Hit counts are a bad measure. Changed minds, as you state, are what matters. I get a fraction of the traffic on my new blog as my old; and even less comments on the posts when comparing.

    But I wouldn’t change a thing. My new blog… it starts conversations outside of the internet with people I see every day. Men I respect read it and give me respect in turn. Rarely does a week go by without a direct link to the blog in conversation, and I’m sure many more where the men I know interact differently for reading the posts.

    And I know you’re one of the bloggers that makes me think fairly regularly.

    All this is a long way of showing the ripples in my own life, and that you are a part of creating those

    • Chad,

      “And I know you’re one of the bloggers that makes me think fairly regularly.

      All this is a long way of showing the ripples in my own life, and that you are a part of creating those.”

      I could ask for no greater gift from you.

      My sincerest thanks.

  5. May we who exchange ideas all be engravers on one level or another. We might not be remembered, but that’s not really what it’s about.

  6. I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave a comment here.

    Somehow I missed this post earlier. You’re one of the few blogs that I look forward to reading whenever I get the chance. Because of your style and your person, I think that’ll not change anytime soon. No falling off the pedestal for you sir. No, you have no pedestal. Your foundation upon which to stand is the earth itself.

    I think you’d sooner fade away and back into the earth (where others may rediscover you) than ever fall from relevance or favor.

    Setting people up on a pedestal destines them to fall. Raising yourself up sets you for a fall from pride that few ever see coming.

    You don’t raise yourself up, yet you stand above many.


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