“I try to convince myself that the plane is still not gone.”




[ Prompted by a question on http://ask.fm/Oinomancer ]



While every passing day makes it increasingly less likely I’ll have children, here’s the speech I’d give to my daughter:


It’s going to be tough for you.

Boys (men) are going to do everything they can to get what you have to give.

Be wary.

Never cold.

But wary.



Now, I’m not talking solely about physical love.

I also mean your loyalty.

Your support.

Your faith.

In the long run, those are the most precious gifts a woman can give.

They’ll carry a man through even the darkest times.

So choose wisely.



I know you’ll want to find a man you love and makes you feel special.

And you should do so.

But, whether you want children or not (although I hope you want them someday) make sure to always consider if he’d make a good father.

[Because humanity plans and God laughs.]

That’s a burden more and more women forget to carry.

But you need to keep that duty in mind at all times.

Like it or not, it’s women that decide what the next generation will be.

And that’s a responsibility too immense to be disregarded.



Remember, as you measure each man.

Break hearts.

And have yours broken –

There will forever be one man that loves you above all else.

That will always listen.

That will always hold you when you need comforting arms around you.

That will wipe your tears away to reveal that beautiful smile of yours.

Me – your Dad.






8 Responses to ““I try to convince myself that the plane is still not gone.””

  1. It’s very sad that women find so little value in these things today. It is women who have taught that the masculine in superior and the feminine inferior. And we are all losing so much.

  2. Fucking bloody hell, Ace. That brought tears to my eyes. I look at my daughter – who is 16 (17 in about a month) and although I live in reality – and see her as she is today, I also see this wonderful 2 year old that used to come running, arms outspread, head turned to one said, and smash into my legs with a huge hug.

    I don’t want her to pumped-n-dumped, I don’t want her to be “you go girl” girl, I don’t want her to get her heart broken. I want her to be that beautiful 2 year old that could never get enough hugs, never enough time on daddy’s lap.

    But you said it in the last few sentences – there will always be one man that will be there for her….Me.

    Awesome article – thanks for writing it.

  3. Pieces like this are the ones that keep me from getting snipped. Just in case it happens. It’s a shame that those of us that would love kids can’t find a woman worthy of having ours.

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  5. En-sigma Says:

    in the ongoing battle of letting them be who they are, and teaching them why some of the things that they are will one day be a detriment to their happiness, I would say girls are really tough.

    The Manosphere is vital to showing men that they are not crazy – that the reason they feel like things are wrong is because they are – but the Manosphere is also necessary so that man can articulate to women why they don’t like what is going on and also the honest truth about why men want what they want.

    All of this knowledge can be used to help steer your (or my) daughter in the right direction. She may not chose it, but she cannot say that you did not give her wise counsel.

    • She may not chose it, but she cannot say that you did not give her wise counsel.

      That’s the best – and only, really – thing a parent can do.

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