“They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”





Wanna see a trick?


Here it is:

I’ve never met you.

I don’t know you.

I’ve no idea where you are right now.

But I’m going to tell you exactly why you’re here with me – reading this.

You’re lonely.



Now, it could be a romantic loneliness.

A spiritual loneliness.

An intellectual loneliness.

Doesn’t matter.

You’re lonely, just the same.



What you need to understand is:

There’s not a damn thing wrong with feeling that way.

Sure, you think you’re broken.

But you’re not.

Not really.

We all have issues, of some type.

But wanting a connection to other humans isn’t an “issue”.

It’s healthy.

Don’t let the bastards fool you.

That’s how they win.

“Divide and conquer.”



So talk to me.

Talk with other bloggers in the ‘sphere.

Be polite, and we’ll be here.

Or just shut down your machine and go out.

Safe in the knowledge:

You’re not really alone, at all.



But, should we meet in a smoke-filled bar:

I’ve done my part.

So the first round is on you.




21 Responses to ““They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.””

  1. Actually, the fact that we’re not alone is quite possibly the scariest thing to the Cathedral (particularly their social-justice yeomen). For so long it was they who were surrounded on all sides by people who vehemently disagreed and would shun them if they knew the extent of their beliefs. What keeps them from sleeping at night is that manosphere/dark enlightenment/orthosphere/neo reactionary blogs aren’t all just run by the same deluded person at home in his basement and that we’re actually a robust community of people with similar interests, values, and goals who intersect online. They’ve been trying to force us into isolation through workplace termination if we’re dumb/brave enough to speak our minds in open public, robust institutions for persecuting people who disagree legally or through the aforementioned workplace, and by driving it in every day in the news and other forums that disorder is the new norm.

    Part of the thing about the Red Pill narrative that I think we will never outgrow (no matter how mediocre the movie it comes from may be) is that we’re an underground society for now, and that lends us a certain authenticity. We’re here because we’re genuine believers.

    • “We’re here because we’re genuine believers.”

      I completely agree that’s why we stay.

      No doubt.

      But not why we arrived.

      A subtle, but important, distinction.

  2. There are still places where you are allowed to smoke in bars?

  3. I fail to see how anyone can be strong AND independent.

  4. Or just shut down your machine and go out.

    Strangely (or perhaps not), I feel less lonely here than I do when I go out.

    • “Strangely (or perhaps not), I feel less lonely here than I do when I go out.”

      That, my dear, was the whole point of my post.

  5. Your minimalist writing is very enjoyable.

  6. Your bourbon, neat (of course), is waiting whenever you want to come pick it up on the bar.

  7. I believe there are many places we go (and I agree, this blog and others are part of it) when we just can’t take that feeling of disconnectedness any more.

    It’s not ever about sharing a “common” set of thoughts or beliefs, it’s that words have power, to heal, to hurt – and they have the power to make a connection between two people that may never meet in real life.

    BUT, I do believe we will meet one day my friend. Face to face. Share glass and a smoke. Talk about the shit that has made us who we are – and who will be become. If there are younger Men around us, they can potentially learn from our mistakes.

    Sometimes we so alone that our souls cry for anytype of connection. Someones we are surrounded by people – but have no connection with them at all. And sometimes, in some very rare and wonderful times in our lives – we create deep connections – and those are ones the onese to cherish.

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  10. I’m hear because I’m not just lonely, but I’m depressed beyond the realms of possibility.

    Every day I wake up I wish I hadn’t. For 2 years I’ve wanted to kill myself because I hate my life, I hate being worthless, unloved, and basically a nobody.

    I actually don’t have any friends, if I go out somewhere people will talk to me but never socialise with me. I sometimes go to a casino to play poker so I have people to talk to for a few hours. I’ve even spent many days just wandering around town talking to the homeless offering to help them out with money and food.

    I have a dog and a couple of horses, they are the only things in the world dependent on me and they are the only things I spend any time with. I’m a recluse so hatred of myself and how I look and what I’ve become that I find comfort in taking in chat rooms where nobody really knows the pain I hold.

    I have twice tried to kill myself but I even failed at that. My business collapsed 3 years ago and I lost everything and everyone in my life. My family don’t talk to me anymore and I actually have no friends, not real friends.

    3 days ago an old friend who I drifted from 6 years ago added me on facebook (no one’s ever added me before) and they told me how they were dying of cancer and can’t be cured. I have tried to be talkative to them and lend an ear but I don’t know what to say to them. Although this is someone I’ve not spoken to for nearly 6 years I’ve shed many tears for them this weekend and felt worthless and powerless but at the same time wanting to be there for them. They were someone I was so fond of back then and I had proper feelings for but I was always far too scared to tell them, as I never wanted to lose them as a friend, I felt gutted when we drifted apart and I now feel so sad and down about finding out what has happened and the sad events which I now know. I want to be there for them and help them be happy for whatever time they have left but I don’t know if it’s actually good for them to have someone who is so down in their own life around.

    I don’t feel like I have ever done anything good for anyone or anything in my life and I hate myself and feel totally and utterly worthless. This weekend was going to be another weekend where I was actually going to to try and take my own life, but I felt doing that having only just got back in contact with someone who needs friends at this time would be such a harsh and cruel thing to do.

    I don’t know why I’m writing this on this website and I doubt anyone will actually see it, but I guess I have no one else to talk to.

    • Chris,

      Someone not only saw your comment but read it.


      First, I ask that you call a suicide hotline or reach out for some type of professional help.

      Secondly, whether you make that call or not, I ask that you hang in there.

      I’m not a professional counselor.

      I’m just a man who became a self-destructive drunk for 8 years after his life was burned to the ground [lost the career I spent a lifetime trying to establish; fiance cheated and left me; best friend abandoned me; mother died of cancer; et al].

      I was, however, able to turn much of it all around and become happier than before.

      Lastly, reply to other commenters here and start a conversation..

      I’m blessed with some of the best readers in this corner of the web so they may be able to help you as much as they have helped me.

      Sincerest best wishes,


    • Chris,

      If you need someone to talk to, my email is moosenorseman@gmail.com

      I have prayed, and will continue to pay for you.

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