“Don’t forget this fact – you can’t get it back…”





I’ve said it a million times.

I’ll say it a million more:

I don’t care if you’re a theist, agnostic or atheist.

The Book of Genesis is the greatest work ever penned.



I’ve always wanted to do a break-down of it.

Call it:

Deconstructing Genesis.

But I’m getting off topic, ever so slightly.



Have you wondered why the women with whom you “click”, women you really “get” at a deep level, women with whom you feel a True and deep connection never seem to want you back?

Go ahead, lie to me.

Lie to the mirror.

But you, in the darkest recesses of your being, know exactly what I mean.



Sure, there have been girls with whom you’ve shared a fair amount of interests/attitudes/opinions in your time on earth.

There may be ones [or one] to whom you commit and you love tremendously.

But the ones that you really seem to mesh with – intertwining hearts, souls and all that jazz – always slip away.

If they’re ever even in your grasp.

Well, here it is, in all its simple horror:

You were made for Paradise.

She wasn’t.



See, to her, Paradise feels “wrong”.





She must have sorrow.

She craves struggle.

She was born of need; it’s need she serves.



That was why Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

It was a taste of home.





34 Responses to ““Don’t forget this fact – you can’t get it back…””

  1. Fantastic post Ace. And so terribly true. It reminds me of this post of yours:

    No matter how much she seems to be a perfect match, no matter how much she seems made for you, it doesn’t matter. She will chose the serpent instead.

    Like the scorpion, it is just her nature.

  2. Reblogged this on Donal Graeme and commented:
    Ace at 80 Proof Oinomancy examines the idea of “the one who got away” from the male perspective and takes the idea back to is Genesis…

  3. “She must have sorrow.

    She craves struggle.

    She was born of need; it’s need she serves.”

    Remember…woman came out of man too.

  4. Shiver down my spine, my friend.

  5. How does one give Eve an apple and not lose paradise?

    Surely, because woman are superficial, a superficial solution can be found?


    • Or – worse – today’s world is too good – without pain and suffering everyday to remind one how good the good times are.

      Women today suffer from an epidemic of not being able to feel or appreciate. They don’t know why. They don’t know how. And it drives them crazy.

      They were not meant for a better world.

      They were meant for a world where discipline was needed, for survival. Without war, women can not know peace. The ultimate crime today is that for a man and women to live in paradise, he has to find a way to make it not paradise. Live in a dangerous place or be dangerous himself. No man wishes to willfully do so. It goes against his nature.

      This world needs to change. Perhaps that is why so many call for its violent, that is violent, destruction. Sure – we will have to rebuild.

      But for a time, we’ll also have back Eve.


  6. Rationalizing why someone doesn’t love you back is perfect for comforting oneself and protecting one’s feelings…but one’s sense of significance is precariously on the line–so much so that one has every incentive not to be honest with oneself.

    There is a verse from Proverbs: “The first to present his case seems right until the other comes to examine him.” (18:17) What would the woman say? I know a man well who would high-five this post and chime in saying he understands exactly what you mean. But what would I say? He’s unreliable when it comes to holding a job, makes questionable decisions when it comes to friendships, is admittedly lazy and unmotivated to provide help with basic things such as moving, and a number of other things that present a question mark when it comes to a vision of the future. Would I tell him that? No. He doesn’t really want to know why the answer is “No.” He would prefer to think that he’s awesome and that I’m a crazy female who doesn’t know what’s good for her. Alright. I’m sure many men would say “But I’m better than that.” Maybe. Point is, you don’t want the truth.

  7. Ace – as always, very deep and thoughtful post. Growing up and listening / reading the story of Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden – I didn’t give much thought to the whole thing. To me, it was more a basic story of how humans really (in general) are never satisfied.

  8. Painful yet enlightening to read, because it makes too much sense to me right now.

    • Glad to hear it helps, Mimic.

      • aquietmimic Says:

        Pray that I got this right.

        We were fooled about love.

        The World has tricked as too long for me to keep silent.

        We were never supposed to love women outside of marriage.

        It makes too much sense. Genesis’s marriages. They all loved them AFTER marriage.

        As the saying goes, “Love the person you marry. Not marry the person you love.”

        Romeo and Juliet for Heaven’s sake.

        How love destroys in the wrong environment.

        If men learned to control and defeat the power of Love disguised as Lust…

        I pray that this Revelation is correct. Thank you Lord for the Wisdom.

      • Brilliantly put, Mimic.

      • So then – ideally arranged marriages are the best marriages?

        In the captive audience like forced cooperation, a love different than what most experience today, arising from “mutual suffering”, emerges that is more unbreakable than that natural kind that is conducive to child-rearing and heartbreak?


      • Starting to think arranged marriages may be better.

        Can’t say for certain, but it seems that way.

      • I wonder why arranged marriages seem to work better.

        The only thing I can think of is that as a natural introvert – I always did well at school dances. Having and being part of a captive audience made it easier. I had a box within which to define the range of activity.

        I had fun with the attitude of – “This may be a school event – but I’m gonna have fun, damnit!”


  9. Fantastic post. I’m going to bug you till you write that guide to Genesis!

  10. If you’re drawn to Genesis, I can’t recommend this more highly:


    If you appreciate Genesis now, read that book and you’ll be beyond awestricken.

    I’d even be willing to let you have my copy. If you’re interested, email me.

    • I can’t wait to look into it.

      Many thanks for the offer.

      I may take you up on it.

      • The only parts of the book it doesn’t explore in detail are the episode with Lot and his daughters and Jacob’s blessings for his sons. Other than that, you’ll find that there’s so much thought and precision behind the book that it’s downright mindboggling.

        And if you’re considering your own book on Genesis, it will undoubtedly help you flush out your ideas. It’s inspired ideas for two books on Genesis, myself.

        Faschinating approach (from a secular philosophy standpoint), emphasizes the difference between what it actually says and what we’d like it to say, makes the people come alive, draws attention to overlooked episodes like Judah & Tamar and the rape of Dinah, and really gets you to THINK, even when you disagree with the author (which I often do).

        Read some of the Amazon reviews to get a taste and let me know. I’ll gladly send it to you if you PROMISE to actually read it.

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  12. Upon further reflection, I think the issue is that one cannot be “satisfied” with a women in a relationship, especially if she is “the one”. For the day you are satisfied is the day she is not.

    Satisfaction is the peak from which she can only see downhill.

    The higher value the man, the steeper the climb.

    The less secure the man, the steep the descent.

    And the more “game” a man has, the steeper he can make the ascent, the more gradual he can make the descent, and perhaps he might be able to convince her to make one more trip back up, for a better look at the view if he finds her on the way back down.



  13. completely disagree.

    but very well written.

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  15. Not sure about this one, but if you’re right? It would give another reason for the Immaculate Conception: so that there would be a woman for whom Paradise WAS a home.

    And, appropriately enough, this woman, Mother of Sorrows, with a heart pierced by seven swords, is held by tradition to have suffered more on earth than any other mere creature, to have nearly died of heartbreak and sympathy at the foot of that Cross on which hung a Son who had already been beaten enough to kill an ordinary man many times over, and who would in a short while shed the last drops of his life’s blood (fun fact for the day: that’s where we get pink or rose colored vestments; the last drops of blood in the human body are referred to as that color in old liturgical texts).

    Also your idea, expressed elsewhere, that the only women who don’t on some level seek suffering are the ones who’ve “met their quota” fits in pretty well with the fact that she is both Virgo Clemens, Virgo Prudentissima, and Mater Dolorosa. Though I would argue suffering, or at least failure, is also needed for men.

    • Scratch that last line. You’ve nowhere said you didn’t think that. Trying to get better about it, but still find myself tilting at windmills.

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