“…if you will, please, move in closer…”






I was deeply honored to be invited to speak with Beppo Venerdi on his podcast.


I had a great time and invite you to share it.


(Youtube embedding has been causing me quite a bit of trouble so it may be necessary for you to “rewind” the following video to the beginning.)





It’s my sincerest hope that you enjoy it.








6 Responses to ““…if you will, please, move in closer…””

  1. Great podcast Ace. You are right that Introspection can be a terrifying thing. Going to have to listen to this several times to really digest it. Will send a shout out here later.

    Thanks for the kind words as well.

    • You’re quite welcome, Donal.

      The kind words were well earned.

      You’ll have to break down my work more often.

      It’s in good hands with yours.

      All the best to you.

  2. […] goes by the name of Beppo Venerdi. You can find the podcast, and Ace’s post on the subject, here. I cannot recommend it […]

  3. Donal, I first ran across 80 Proof on your blogroll. While too dark for me, this podcast was interesting and well worth the time. Sharp guys, the New World metaphor is very apt, so much I discussed it at breakfast with the fam. SJW = Puritans, love it.

    80P, I believe the most important changes today are 1) internet, 2) female dominance/demographics, 3) rapid economic change/collapse. Everybody seems unaware and this podcast was the first I’ve heard anyone starting to explore things. I especially found the economic discussion great. And I don’t think you are projecting at all; just look at the numbers.

    I happen to live in that “other world” economically, and it’s primarily just the cause and effect of events. Because those people with stable families, dual incomes, and good health generally are doing great, and they tend to run things, we don’t see anything in the media on this Great Depression that’s underway. But it’s huge, with an underclass so large everyone is afraid to shop on payday it’s so crowded. Between student loans and child support, we’ve created a whole new servent class. I would really enjoy somebody, anybody, exploring this subject. Like the manosphere, nobody is talking about it, and the truth is needed to understand the world.

    • mdavid,

      Excellently stated and thank you for your input.

      I greatly appreciate you (as I said in the podcast) letting me know “I’m not fucking crazy”.

      As far as “too dark for [you]” goes:

      If there is one critique I’m happy to accept –

      It’s that.

      Right or wrong, I call it as I see it.

      Again, much obliged.


  4. […] in Jackal Hours. He is, quite simply, The Real Deal: Charming, honest, and utterly trustworthy. His interview with Beppo Venerdi contained immense wisdom for men. I think it well worth a listen. Also, […]

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