“… telling tales of drunkenness and cruelty…”




I usually leave it to my readers to figure out why I choose the songs I do to accompany the posts.

But this one begs some explanation.

It’s very tongue in cheek, since:

I’m not at all wealthy.

It’s storming like mad outside.

And it’s late at night.

Thus, my point here is this:

I do what I do to help.




I don’t scam folks.

I don’t make glitzy promises.

I don’t spew bullshit to get attention.

I do what I do because, as you may have heard in the interview:

I like people.

And I want to help brothers out.




So, now I’m asking you:

If you can (times are tough, I know. Boy, do I know), pick up Whiskey and Ashes: An Inebriate’s Avowals, Maxims and Observations.

Sure, I want to help.

But I need to eat, too.

Granted, I’ll keep writing even if no one buys it.

But, more than the little money I’d make, it’s a gesture that shows you get some value from me.

Maybe it would be better to put a “donate” button up.

I don’t know.

Although, I prefer giving folks something for the money they work hard to earn.

Think it over.

I’ll be here, regardless.





10 Responses to ““… telling tales of drunkenness and cruelty…””

  1. joelwatchman Says:

    It’s a kindle, don’t you have a PDF?

    Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 05:02:04 +0000
    To: joel1@live.nl

  2. YouSoWould Says:

    I assume the production costs would be prohibitive, but I’d buy it in paperback format. I gave away my kindle, reading on it felt soulless.

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  4. Let me see if I can type this anecdote (parable?) and have you take it the right way.

    My father does not give money to the homeless or beggars on the street. To him charity starts at home.

    However – whenever he sees a man on the street, trying to panhandle goods, say a magazine, he usually always buys a copy of the latest. To him the man is honest and is at least trying to provide some value in return for minor compensation.

    My father never actually takes any magazine that he buys – encountering honesty and genuineness of that kind is reward enough.


  5. I’d like to see a paypal button–because some posts speak to me more than others.
    And I’m only buying one book.

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