“Between the velvet lies, there’s a Truth as hard as steel…”






It’s really a shame that I remain as fringe in this already fringe area of the Internet as I do.


I suppose the outlaw persona I’ve cultivated has been a bit too successful.


I say this not out of any tremendous desire for popularity [I’d be lying if I did not apply that adjective as a qualifier].


Rather, that my obscurity leaves quite a few men bathing in the wrong light when they’d be better served with my help among the shadows.


Case in point:






Many have been the times I’ve warned against that very trap.


Frequent have been the moments I counseled the means to avoid it.


Thus, I’ll repeat a few points here and now to save newcomers the search (although a thorough read  – and occasional reread – of this blog is recommended).


The key is not, in fact, to “go fuck 10 other girls”.


It is, instead, to get 10 other girls to want to fuck you.


The act itself is, in all reality, the least important part.


(Quite honestly, the risk is often greater than the potential reward.)




To explain using a metaphor I created long ago:


Sex and love are like a cup and saucer.


To men, sex is the cup.


To women, sex is the saucer.


Both are needed for a proper service of tea.


But only one of the two contains the actual nourishment sought.




At this point, it may seem as though I’m presenting an argument contrary to my initial statement.


But that appearance is deceiving.


See, nourishment may be essential for biological life, but it’s not at all associated to purpose.


As the Arabs say:


“He who eats when he is not hungry digs his grave with his teeth.”


Seeking meaning via the fulfillment of base needs is foolhardy, at best, and insanity, at worst.


I mean, defecation is a strong biological urge but who centers their life around the toilet?




For a man to feel purposeful and fulfilled only one thing will do:




Respect, perhaps not from the world at large but from his chosen circles, at the very least.


Men, being the gender often considered expendable, need respect to carry them through life.


Respect tells them, at a deep level, they are not easily cast to the graveyard.


(As a parallel, women seek validation/love to be told they are not merely breeding tools.)




What does this have to do with getting 10 women to fuck you?




What do you think a woman’s love is?




That’s all.


Love, as men understand it, is what women feel for children.


They don’t feel it for men (again, as men understand it).


[Love, like the stone it is – with all the good and bad that entails, rolls down hill.


Think on that.]




Now, a young man may ask:


“Well, I respect guys that get laid a lot, so that counts, right?”




It doesn’t.


Because you don’t respect that man.


You envy him.


You covet what he has.


But you don’t respect him.


So, as usual, all of my work builds upon itself while dovetailing with reality. 




The Truth has a habit of doing that.






20 Responses to ““Between the velvet lies, there’s a Truth as hard as steel…””

  1. […] “Between the velvet lies, there’s a Truth as hard as steel…” […]

  2. Very well put.

    A lot of disenchanted men I meet are those trapped in the envy cycle. It is incredibly destructive mindset and blinds them.

    Unfortunately for some the only way out is by going through the 10 girls and realising how hollow it can actually be.

    • Trad,

      Very true.

      Sadly, some only learn from experience.

      A smart man learns from his experiences.

      A wise man learns from the experience of others.

      There are plenty of smart people, but a dwindling number of wise.

  3. I believe I’m out of the envy cycle at this point.

    And as I think on this post – I’m reminded of my previous Turkish girlfriend.

    I was going into the military (my nickname at high school was ‘military man’), was in better shape than most there (she could barely do more than a single proper push up), made nearly straight A’s, and won several awards for German.

    It’s no wonder to me, now, that she confessed her love first -roughly three months after we started dating.

    She told me a few times that my good grades inspired her to work harder for hers.

    I now know what respect feels like and looks like.

    Thank you for the birthday present, Ace.


  4. I always enjoy your longer-form work.

    I also think I’m out of the envy cycle, although I do fall back to old patterns every once in a while. I see friends of mine planning their lives around getting laid and wait for the inevitable drastic readjustments when the fallout hits.

    None of us are infallible, but we can minimize our vulnerability through what you describe.

    You really hit the nail on the head when you discussed respect. Nothing is better for a fractured ego than concrete progress.

    When my girlfriend and I took a half-year ‘break’ I experienced every end of the spectrum Dagonet described. I met a bunch of new girls, slowly weaned myself from leftover feelings for her… And started to realize that a fulfilling relationship takes work. Simply fucking 10 new girls won’t do much to fill the void.

    Thanks, Ace. I wouldn’t sweat being unable to reach a wider audience – you’re reaching the ones that matter, the ones willing to take action.

  5. You’re not fringe in these parts, trust me. One of the few I still read all the new posts of. This is a gooder, too.

    Keep it up.

  6. Pedat Ebediyah Says:

    I, for one appreciate everything I’ve seen from you so far. And I’ve been lurking for a while.

    As I’ve been trying to read and expose myself to men whose aim is to help restore other men, I’m more and more humbled every day.

    No matter how buff I’ve been, how much I could sling Bible verses, how good I was at giving oral, or how much of an “IT god” I’ve been to women (mostly) and some men in my lives…

    …I thought that people were using me for what i could offer them or do for them or help them with their complex relational issues and pending ass kickings, because they didn’t love me back.

    (Talking about a Covert Contract…that’s another subject)

    I thought they didn’t love me or didn’t know HOW to love.

    But they didn’t respect me.

    And that hits hard. I’m an outstanding god-fearing man who would “lay down his life for his brother”…but people didn’t respect me for me.

    And I could be wrong, but I think it was because I didn’t respect myself. I gave my time to the unworthy, the unclean, the untrustworthy, the daft, and to the common. People who didn’t deserve my time or my charity. The time I gave to such people I think I was supposed to be giving to myself, which would have resulted in me being so much further along in my life.

    I squandered my gifts on the worthless, rendering me worthless and full of folly.

    And who truly respects a fool?

    But I could be wrong about everything I just wrote.

    • Pedat,

      Thanks for the kind words and sharing your experiences.

      I may take this comment of yours and address some points in it in the near future.

      Stay well and all the best to you.

  7. It isn’t the outlaw persona, Ace. It’s consistency, what Nir Eyal calls “The Hook,” and disinterest in cultivating distribution channels. It’s easy to change that – IF you want to.

    Your chosen focus makes consistency difficult – you speak when you think you have something to say. That keeps 80-PO from becoming a regular reader habit, though many of us have you as an irregular habit.

    One way to smooth the irregularity is to go “multi-channel” and find ways to mine/ link your previous work. Do it here, with people guest-posting their thoughts on a previous ost of yours and including your follow-on where you finish with your own thoughts to expand their perspective again. Do it on other digital platforms and sites, via Guest Posts of some past pieces or of responses to their current content that reference a past post or 2.

    That would give you a bigger distribution network, and like compound interest it would grow 80-PO over time. As an unconventional thought, you’d be a very interesting bridge to new ways of thinking at a place like “A Voice for Men.” Turn some more of your works into e-books, and walk down Cernovich’s road a bit, and you could implement more “Hooked” strategies.

    But you don’t seem to be be into that sort of thing. You’d rather take Isaiah’s job, and preach to The Remnant, and let them find you:


    If that’s your model, and you won’t implement any of the above strategies, what you need is a patron. Someone who has an established channel, and values you to the point that they will refer to your stuff and promote it.

    Even Jesus went where the crowds were sometimes. But not always. What’s the best way to serve your legacy?

    • Joe,
      Great points.


      80-Proof anything is an acquired taste. I’m no marketing guru and a technological Luddite to boot, but your genius for turning a phrase is second to none.

      How about some gateway “40-Proof” wisdom that would go on a coffee mug? Subversive phraseology that Red Pill Clark Kent could carry past HR without losing his job? Thin edge of the wedge script-flipping stuff? Put it on a rainbow mug and give it to your favourite Proggoblins on International Womens’ Day.

      You’ve experienced the nomenklatura’s Delete button yourself, the awakened live in the shadows for a good reason.

      Two cents Canadian. Also the only requested royalty.

      • JD,

        I most certainly have endured the “delete button”, as you say.

        As alway, I greatly apperciate your words and support.

        (Nice work fitting “proggoblins” in there to boot.)

        Stay well.

    • Joe,

      Absolutely stunning comment; I’ll be thinking on this seriously.

      It will no doubt guide my actions in the very near future.

      My sincerest thanks to you for taking the time to lay these paths out before me so clearly and eloquently.

      All the best to you.

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  9. […] Truth has a habit of doing […]

  10. […] Truth has a habit of doing […]

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