“… when the band plays Hail to The Chief, they point the cannon at you…”







Just about every blog in these parts talks about being “Alpha”.


How to act “Alpha”.


How to speak “Alpha”.


Even how to stand “Alpha”.




Now, as anyone that’s read my work for oh these many years knows:


I don’t like to bullshit anyone.


Moreso, I sure as Hell don’t like to tell folks to be something they’re not.


The Truth is that most men reading this are not “Alpha”.


And never will be.




Again, however, as anyone who knows me can attest:


That’s not a bad thing.




See, the key isn’t to be “Alpha” or not.


It’s to be the man you are.










Thus, countless “Beta” men, permit me to give you some properly focused advice.


You are the mortar that binds the stonework of civilization. 


Work for no one – man, woman, government or corporation – that fails to appreciate your contributions.


Should, in these difficult times, you find yourself unable to escape such service – look harder. 


There is an out and you will find it.




Never follow; choose to be led.


There is a tremendous difference between the two.


Realize yours is the sword that carves nations.


Yours are the hands that build palaces, cathedrals and everything in between.


Yours is the shield that defends both land and the way of life upon it.




Understand that, though you do not stand upon the pinnacle, the heights cannot exist without you.


Expect praise when warranted.


Demand recognition if it becomes necessary.



Above all else, realize that no matter how powerless you feel at times, you are a free man.


Your inaction causes the wheels of the system of which you are a part to grind to a halt.


Feel no shame in – and have no fear of – using that tactic.




In short, do not give your loyalty or service lightly.


Although you may be many while “Alphas” are few and far between, a chain of one link is nigh on useless.







14 Responses to ““… when the band plays Hail to The Chief, they point the cannon at you…””

  1. […] “… when the band plays Hail to The Chief, they point the cannon at you…” […]

  2. The way I’ve always thought of it is you can be her alpha even if you are a beta in the wider scheme of things.

  3. Alternately, if women decide to not marry and only have sex with men who give them ‘gina tingles, i.e. Alphas, then in a few generations Betas will go extinct and all males will be Alpha.

    Then you get a society like Haiti, where people sleep in shacks of cardboard and plastic wrap, and every man carries a machete and calls himself a General.

  4. Preach.

    You can still be the alpha of your circle, a lot of it is situational.

    Coming to terms with where you are in the food chain is the hard part. The missed opportunities and missed red flags burn infernally. But, that’s all over now.

    Lots of money, women and power to go around. And it’s a global market. If even the middle third of the food chain said “No More fat tattooed short-haired Prima Noctae Refugees” this carousel would come off the bearings. Who knows, maybe even the selfie generation would be distracted from the howling long enough to look up the road.

    I regard your Beta Men of the World post as nothing short of a manifesto. I’m 50 now, lots of things not gonna happen for me. But the young guys, they need to know the power they have. To look that proud beauty in the eye and say “If you don’t choose me now, you don’t get to later.” And mean it.

    Long past time for good men to take the toys and credit cards away. Let ’em vote, let ’em demonstrate, let ’em scream. Just say “No. Unacceptable. Fix it yourself. And get off my lawn.”

    • JD,

      I couldn’t possibly have expressed such better. Agreed 100%. It’s my sincere and fervent hope that just 10% or so stand their ground. As, I’ve both learned and read, that’s often enough to bring about change.

      Many thanks for the comment, your attention and your input.

      • Ace,

        Honoured to be here. And thank you for the labour and pain of putting your soul to words. You are resonating with many of us.

        Different lives, same trenches.

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  6. Nataliya Kochergova Says:

    I know you hate Ayn Rand, but that was like reading Atlas Shrugged. Beautiful.

  7. […] has a great song and some great advice for men looking to be the best men they can […]

  8. […] “…when the band plays Hail to the Chief, they point the cannon at you…” (Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son) […]

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