The Great Femitheist Hoax

I’ve seen this get more attention than it warrants already so here’s to the hope I’ll put the final nail in the coffin and we’ll all move onward.



Do I have definitive proof it’s a hoax/never happened?


Do you have definitive proof it occurred?

Proof is only required to assert  something exists

Not if something doesn’t.


Regardless, I’ll point out a few things:

1} When a young (20ish), pretty blonde girl dies, suicide or not, the media is all over it. Women just love to hear about female suffering – especially if the suffering women are attractive; an exGF of mine used to say how every Lifetime Channel movie was about rape or abuse. The media loves to feed that need for easy money. Yet there’s no reports at all of such a thing in the area from which they claim her to be.

2} It’s been said she shot herself. The odds of a woman shooting herself are less than her being struck by lightning. Now, if it were said that she poisoned herself, intentionally overdosed or slit her wrists,  I’d be slightly inclined to believe it. But shoot herself? No. A woman attempts suicide as a cry for help far more often than she does to legitimately off herself. Plus, she very, very rarely chooses a way which would mar her appearance.

3} Have you ever met a woman that’s “seen the light”? A woman that’s had an epiphany? A woman that takes complete responsibility for all her actions, admits how harmful and toxic they were to herself and all those in her life? Yeah, me neither. But this “farewell” letter happened because her hamster finally gave up  and not only surrendered but sought redemption? As the saying goes:  Only in the movies. Most of us can’t even get women  to admit they’re attracted to “bad boys” yet this militant feminist does a 180º turn? Not buying it for an instant.

More than likely, this was thought up by a few guys (males, definitely as a woman would have never come up with shooting herself) on 4chan to troll the feminists.

However, they eventually either 1} got bored or 2} saw that there were actually people that bought into what they were saying and supported it.

It short, it was funny for a while but the perpetrators eventually realized that the joke was starting to be on them.

So they killed her off in a cinematic fashion to dig themselves out of the hole they found forming around them and, of course…

For the “lulz”.


6 Responses to “The Great Femitheist Hoax”

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  2. Too bad she really isn’t dead. I hate the bitch. I hope she dies soon. If I ever met her in person I might be inclined to rape and kill her (if I have time, slowly). It’d be a fitting end for a man hating bitch like her. She says all men are violent, well, ok, hopefully she is proven right by someone more brave and twisted than myself. Hopefully, it is the last lesson she learns as she walks through the gates of hell.

    I downright hate her and all of her supporters, and I wasn’t joking here. I sincerely feel as I said above. In fact, the mere thought of her being burned alive makes me gleeful with joy. A woman who wants to chop my testicles off and enslave me deserves nothing but my utmost hate.

  3. Don’t give her the attention she wants boys… Don’t feed the troll.

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