“… brought way too much baggage…”








Then why don’t more strip–clubs have dancers like this:




The problem with this control–freak collection of narcissists we call America is that each gender believes they are the one’s that can determine what the other gender finds attractive.

I’m thrilled to inform you:

This is not so.




The woman pictured (and her ilk) can no more classify herself desirable as I could back when I was being a placating, obsequious, gift–giving, well–dressed, nice car driving, good job having, law-abiding, never swearing, unfailingly polite, rarely drinking, non–smoking, upstanding, young man.



To those of you that believe you can decide what others find attractive/sexy/desirable, I tell you the same thing I’d tell the pictured pole–dancer:

Let go.

Before you hurt yourself.






15 Responses to ““… brought way too much baggage…””

  1. Those two “strippers” you posted have way too much baggage and I speak not only of the emotional kind.

  2. The sooner we fight out the Oedipus and Orestes complex in men…the more these Electras will start to shape up.

  3. This is why I ask my husband what he finds attractive (not that I can’t usually tell anyway, lol). You read things from other guys that they want a petite girly-girl in heels & a pretty dress & sure, sometimes I do that, but my husband really drools when I wear short shorts or a mini with boots. I’m tall & all legs.

    He says he’s dated girly-girls & he prefers me to be ready for whatever situation arises. If we decide to take a good long walk (happens more than you would think) heels would hinder & if you are in a pretty dress you worry about getting it dirty.

    He’s the only person I need to please looks-wise (except work) so I go with what works for him. In fact he’s taking me to get a new pair of boots this weekend – I’m thinking some fancy cowboy boots, but he usually picks them out (I’m now wondering if he might have a boot fetish!!! Hahahaha!).

    • Yup men find women that follow their lead attractive.

      I would say that is equal with the looks. It satisfies both the X and Y.

    • Goddamit. I would kill for my wife to care about what I found attractive. She’s convinced that men find Laura Croft attractive, so she wears jeans and a black t-shirt ALL THE TIME. I’ve told her it is not so, but she’s still in the mindset that it would violate her autonomy or some bullshit to actually let my desires have any effect on her. When she cleans up (rarely), she can be a stunner too. Anyway, this is just my way of saying keep it up Tempest, you are right and they are wrong.

      • Paint a self portrait…build a house.

      • Flirt with women you find attractive in front of her…she’ll give you “hell” and you tell her that’s what you find attractive. She’ll either “get it” or continue to do what she thinks is attractive.

        Keep your anger to yourself.

      • What earl says is correct.

        That would bring her up to date, quick.

  4. Damn, Ace, you’ve been on a roll lately. Good stuff.

    And like most men, I find a woman who refuses to give a fuck to be a worthless waste of my time.

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  6. When it comes to what men find attractive in women:
    There is no Nineteenth Amendment.

    That broad on the pole is a good representation of the modern woman … somewhere she doesn’t belong. She has the requisite lack of character and none of the allure.

    Whether engaging in that embarrassing spectacle on stage or chiding the men around it for objectification:

    Nobody wants her there. Or anywhere. At all.

    • JD,

      “That broad on the pole is a good representation of the modern woman … somewhere she doesn’t belong. She has the requisite lack of character and none of the allure.”

      Flawlessly stated, as usual.

      All the best,


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