“The day has come, the day has come…”


Alan K writes:

“Make no mistake; a dark age is already upon us. It crept in, gradually, and there was no clarion call to man the walls and defend the gate.”

I said a very similar thing a while back here.


All this talk of “the decline” is laughable.

It has already collapsed.

Who goes to church NOW?

Who has an intact family NOW?

Who has a well-paying, secure job NOW?

Precious few.

Our institutions have ALREADY failed and fallen.

Everything you are witnessing now is merely pocket-groups trying to make sense of the chaos.



The coming totalitarian reigime in the Western world will not be “the fall”.

It will be the order following it, imposed by those strong enough to do so.

As it always has been.

And always will be.



Even in our corner, it plays out.

Roissy, Roosh, Rollo, “Bill Powell”, Dr. Illusion, et al, are Feudal warlords.

Each marking their turf, staking claims and testing the bounds of others.

While, ironically, it will end up being Stingray, Sunshine Mary, et al, that form the Byzantine empire.

Breeding an army trumps training one.

As for my part in a story that’s been told before and will be told again centuries from now:

I’ll let clever readers piece it together.






19 Responses to ““The day has come, the day has come…””

  1. Rome went hedonistic and fell…Byzantine went Christian and rose.

    Seems a lot like my life at times. I try to keep a good balance though.

  2. Yup. There’s a reason I changed professions to a skilled trade. Personal satisfaction is a real one, but so is a desire to be a valuable asset if shit hits the fan. Society can accept the first, but would disdain me for mentioning that I think the world is going to go to chaos quicker and more drastically than most think it will. So, I’m gaining a skill and getting out of Chicago with it as quickly as I can. I hope in a year to be further South, away from all the stupid pension reforms needed by over unionized north that drains their economic life blood.

    I always wonder who will make a feudal warlord that says they will, and who will rise up completely unexpected from the masses.

    Times may not be fun in the future, but they certainly will be interesting as a trainwreck.

  3. While I would not disagree that the decline already came, it has not yet went. In fact, things could stand to get a lot worse.

    I worry not for I’ll rise through ashes just as well as anything.

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  5. That is one hell of a compliment, Sir, and I thank you for it.

    • I’d like to say “you’re welcome”.

      But I’m simply doing what I do.

      Making predictions that come to pass.

      I’m not the Hand that guides Fate—

      But I am the Eyes that See It.

      I’m a man; that’s my mission.

      Nothing more; nothing less.

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  7. I guess that makes me a ronin. Or a free agent.

  8. theshadowedknight Says:

    I like this metaphor. I will play the part of the Varangian Guard. It is time for the men of the North to return.

    The Shadowed Knight

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