“When your line is crossed, I get off…”






Let’s look at a word, shall we?



ob•jec•tive (əb-jĕkˈtĭv)

adj. Of or having to do with a material object.

adj. Having actual existence or reality.

adj. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic. 



Now, men hear a ton of screeching regarding the “objectification of women”.


What makes this particular complaint so absolutely fucking interminable (in every sense of the word, and I choose my words carefully) is that it’s so g☼ddamn loaded.


See, “objectified” has a few interpretations.


Some of which women actually like. 


Needless to say, this confuses the ever loving shit out of even the best and most attentive men.




How should I explain such a complicated problem?


Tough proposition.




Ok, have you ever played a video game or role playing game with a woman?


Have you noticed that her avatar/character has to be hot as Hell (extremely physically attractive, for those unfamiliar with the idiom)?


More than likely, you sat there thinking:


“What the fuck does that have to do with anything?


You should want better weapons/greater strength/faster reflexes/etc!”



I bet you did.


And I’d bet a lot on that.


Why would I take that bet?


Because you’re a man and – odds are – you don’t grasp a Truth I shared long ago:


Sex and violence are omnipresent in human art/literature because they are the respective genders’ paths to power.


Violence = men.


Sex = women.


Thus, sensible folks play to their strengths and that happens to be where strengths lie.


Even those that otherwise deny reality fall into this subconscious strategy.  


(It’s also why so many men and women fail in the sexual market, these days.


But that’s another story.)




This is one of the largest hurdles for [modern] men to leap:


That women want to be objectified (to a point) and coveted because of it.




To put it in terms men can understand:


A man wants to be judged on the quality of his production.


Such production should be able to be appreciated across the board by anyone that sees it.


Thus, filling him with pride as so many see merit/worth in it.


Women are, in fact, only marginally different.


They want the same perception of their potential to produce [healthy children].




In fact, even rape fantasies are really about female power.


Mad, you think me?


Poor fool.


See, rape is a taboo.


A sin.




But if a woman can inspire such lust, such desire, such obsession in a man that has a great deal to lose (a man of high value), to the point that he forgoes his religion/laws/scruples—


Then she has the real power between them.


[Note: This is also why rape remains a fantasy most women would not want realized, as 99.9999999% of rapists are low value.]




Remember the opening of this post:


Objective – Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices


Not being objectively coveted means that desire is a favor to be done by unspoken request.


Rather than an order to be obeyed.






5 Responses to ““When your line is crossed, I get off…””

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  2. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this:

    1# I think the greatest joy for a woman is growing old enough to see her children marry and have children of their own (it’s implied they’re healthy).

    #2 I think the second greatest joy for a woman is the man she chose (in light of your previous post, the man who chose her) inseminating her with the future children she craves.

    #3 I want to hear more about that other story.

    #4 Hence why feminists say rape is about power (and men are confused as balls about it). Projection motherfuka!

    #5 “Rather than an order to be obeyed”

    Just like I said that I think my relationship with my father is probably better than most because I see him as my father, not my friend (and he is a good teacher with good lessons) I think that one must have a proper relationship with women.

    That is they shall desire to rule over you – but you must NEVER let them.

    It’s why people say a man must master his emotions – as women pick up on emotional cues – and can manipulate them with alarming alacrity – hence why I man must be able to control his (and his libido) – provided he can do both – he can withstand a lot of the worst that woman can throw at him.


  3. A man can become objectively attractive by

    a) surrounding himself with shiny objects, or
    b) becoming the shiny object

    Option a) works until she gets her hands on the shiny objects. Then his value evaporates. The expert gold-digger will beguile a weak example and drain him for all he’s worth, then toss the husk and move on.

    Option b) works because she’ll pull out all the stops to tame him; no degrading act is off-limits to turn the stallion into a plow-horse. This is like trying to control the mechanical bull by riding it; the controls are elsewhere. Unless her gamble pays off she’ll be another Alpha Widow on the pile.

    The 50 Shades guy is both. Hypergamic nuclear wet dream. The more he possesses her, the more powerful she also becomes. The money and power is just icing. The obsessive brutal sexual violation stimulates the feminine primal because she is winning too; he doesn’t cede control to her but can’t let her go; she is in limbo forever. Paradise!

    A never-ending money shot (literally and figuratively).

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