“There are really no words strong enough…”






Imagine you are a member of the King’s guard.


You’re a capable warrior. 


You have every right to be where you are in the hierarchy.


Yet, you are fully aware that there are plenty of other men in your unit that are just as good a soldier as yourself.


If not better.




However, late one night, you’re roused from your sleep by the King, himself.


He kicks the foot of your bed with powerful, unrelenting blows.


Until you awaken.


At which point, he states with the utmost gravity:


“You are the only one that can reclaim the Holy Grail.


No other has the qualifications to perform this urgent, all-consuming task.


I, and all I rule, are in dire need of you and you alone.”




How would you feel?


Very likely, you’d swell with pride.


You’d serve with eagerness and alacrity.


And you’d do what was asked of you, regardless of whatever suffering accompanied it.



Take a moment.


Close your eyes.


Really play that scenario in your mind and experience the flood of emotion that accompanies it.




Now realize:


That’s how a woman feels when the right man makes demands of her.







17 Responses to ““There are really no words strong enough…””

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  2. superslaviswife Says:

    You missed out the deep fear of inadequacy, the perfectionist mania and the extra efforts to try and surpass the bar at every step. :p Place the pedestal high enough and when the last rung of the ladder doesn’t reach, we’ll start looking for a phonebook to wedge under it.

  3. Become the Man who chooses, not the Man who is chosen. That takes hard work; even in an age of comfort no Man is exempt from toil.

    Then you can sift out Cinderella from the Cinders.

  4. Byron Oxford Says:

    What a great analogy.

  5. […] “I, and all I rule, are in dire need of you and you alone.” […]

  6. Byron Oxford Says:

    I was pondering if there was an analogy for women to help them understand the joy men feel with femininity. Couldn’t find it.

    However, one of my pleasures is sitting outside in the morning and listening to the birds. Singing and chattering, each with a distinct sound and with varied purpose. It flows into my consciousness and has no direct verbal communication .

    It does touch me at a deep level as I sense the immenseness of creativity in the creation.

    Similarly, I have come to love the sounds of the women in my life.

    When happy, their effusive chattering does not annoy me, because I let it flow it in with all of its emoting energy. Maybe zoning out any cognitive understanding of what they are saying but loving the joy that they are expressing so lyrically.

    When they are pissy, the sounds still reflect the energy and fierce human energy that they possess. If it is directed at me, lately I no longer react to the attack and instead enjoy their fighting spirit. With women who are lovers they are often puzzled when their attack leads me to wanting to ravish them on the spot.

    • Byron,

      Excellent comment and I agree 100%.

      Though, there are times the pissy attitude/comments still get to me, on occasion, they’re decreasingly extant.

      Thanks for the input.

  7. Byron Oxford Says:

    On a similar note: One of the most beautiful women that I know is also the most feminine woman I have ever gotten to know. She is not a weak willed person but traverses life with a distinctive embracing of her femininity.

    While she doesn’t watch much television, she is a regular follower of Game of Thrones.

    It is Danae that draws her to the show. Danae’s mannerisms and softness reflect her own quiet strength.

    But is the relationship with Danae and her main dragon that most intrigues her. Danae’s relationship with the dragon that gives her masculine fierceness to intervene when needed.

    The dragon represents the ultimate man is my guess. He is independent and dangerous. Even to Danae, he sometimes sends mixed signals that cause you to have trepidation when she approaches him. But she does approach with pure feminine love and tenderness even at the risk of her own life. He ultimately has brought masculine violence to defend her, especially at two key moments in the series.

    She cannot control him as he roams the countryside devouring the people’s livestock. Yet she is has a unique and special place with the dragon that brings his protection when needed.

    Women have 4 ways that they can be with a man lover, mother, daughter and sister. Think about every woman you know and how you interact with her, it always has some combination of those 4. Your coworker who you are not attracted to but you like, you interact as though she was a sister, for example.

    I suppose Danae and her dragons, relates to my friend (sometimes lover) in two ways.

    1. The perfect male lover

    2. The wonderful sons who a woman nurtures and when they have grown who are her masculine strength.

  8. A man once told me that it seems that women lose self-respect when they date a man. When I asked him why he pointed out all the things a woman might do to keep a man, sexually and otherwise. I paraphrased this post to explain the phenomenon and that was that.

    I’m starting to parrot your own words as if they were my own, like I do with my father’s.

    Seems every now and then I manage to have an old head on my young shoulders.


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