“A smile is just a frown turned upside-down…”



“Toxic masculinity.”


If you’ve been in these parts of the ‘net for even a moderate amount of time, then you’ve heard that phrase.


Ostensibly, it’s a condemnation of male qualities which are deemed negative by certain segments of modern society.


What are the qualities in particular that are demonized [rightly or wrongly] by the phrase in question?


In brief: imposition of will, self-assuredness, boldness and, most of all, anger.


Among them, keep anger in the forefront of your mind, dear reader, for this conversation.




To a cursory inspection, the list seems a somewhat reasonable delineation of behaviors in need of curtailing.


Under other circumstances – the development of a specific child or dangerous adult – I might be open to such efforts (so long as it was utilized temporarily only and in aid of clearly targeted, finite treatment).


However, at a societal level, I see it for what it is:


An egregious power play disguised as peacekeeping.


Barring all the eventual benefits that result from the expression of listed qualities – civilization first among them – I’ll point out exactly why squelching male wrath is a grab for control.


Simply put:


Women are rewarded for their tears (by men).


Men are rewarded for their rage (by women).


That pairing dwells at such a deeply ingrained level that it’s a herculean task to avoid acting contrarily.




Even the most “red pilled” man will have a hard-wired response to give a woman what she wants when the waterworks begin to flow.


Even the most die hard feminist will try to sooth male anger (in person) as a knee-jerk reaction.


And dopamine will reward both parties heartily for their efforts.


Thus, the control granted the respective sexes by such is both powerful and nigh on undeniable.


I’d argue, in fact, they’re the most efficacious tools we possess.




Yes, I realize some individuals are able to avoid those diktats but, far more often than not, it’s only due to conscious effort or mental illness.


Nature has made the demand; she’ll not be denied lightly.


Additionally, some may say women are only doing it because they fear those men and want to feel safe.


Which I counter by saying:


Some types of safety are ⁂ entirely undesirable ⁂.


And this is one of them.



9 Responses to ““A smile is just a frown turned upside-down…””

  1. A♠,

    In the welter of ‘changes’ pushed upon us from every angle, and the dissolution of anything resembling societal cohesion and stability …

    Male wrath has flailed uselessly against an enemy it cannot see. It has turned inward, manifesting itself in two main ways:

    ‘Self-improvement’ in all its facets; men empowering themselves in every possible spectrum; and

    Self-abasement in all its facets; men surrendering agency and masculinity trying to make the harassment stop.

    An infernal sorting mechanism emerging that social engineers perhaps did not anticipate. And those social engineers have names, addresses and faces. And they are incautiously revealing themselves.

    I suspect the gambit will fail and the Gods of the Copybook Headings will ride back into town. We’ll see.


    • JD,

      The gambit will, as far as my instincts say, fail spectacularly.

      I’m just not gambling on if many of us will survive to witness it.

      All the best to you & yours,


  2. Anger is a powerful force. It can give someone strength they might not find with anything else. Thank you Ace for reminding me not only of that, but of how anger affects women. As someone who spends a lot of conscious effort controlling his anger, it is good to be reminded of how much I am disarming myself on a daily basis.

  3. I know women won’t know the difference when it comes to anger…but make sure it is justified anger. Don’t worry…they give you plenty of opportunities for that too.

  4. You’re imperfect, and were born of original sin. There’s nothing you can do about it, other than kneel and beg forgiveness and proclaim subservience to us, the Church. Take no notice that we cannot forgive you your crime, only God can do that. In the interim until you die, you will kneel to us on God’s behalf.

    The names have changed, the method is the same.

    You’re imperfect, and were born of toxic masculinity and privilege. There’s nothing you can do about it, other than kneel and beg forgiveness and proclaim subservience to us, the Social Contractors. Take no notice that we cannot forgive you your crime, only history’s victims can do that. In the interim until you die, you will kneel to us on their behalf.

    • Myopia,

      I’m compelled to point out:

      I’ve had priests (claim) to absolve me of my sins.

      Never has a SJW claimed to forgive me or even offer me the chance of contrition in any actual sense.

      I do see your larger point but I believe it to be a distinction that warrants mention.

      All the best to you and yours,


      • I’m not talking about the “I stole $5 from my mom’s wallet when I was 12” type of sinning. It’s the doctrine that you were not born a perfect creation of God, but were born imperfect, and your obedience to the Church is the only way to somehow, hopefully, “earn” your way into heaven. Possibly aside from the early years, Rome was never in the business of saving souls, their business is about filling the coffers of Rome. The game is economic, not spiritual.

        Social Justice wears the same camouflage. The goal is to bring you to heel. The method is to paint you as born to an imperfection that you have no control over, and cannot correct by any action or deed. Of course they will never forgive you, because that releases you from their control. Apostasy is not permitted. For the rank and file SJWs, you have sinned by the nature of your gender, or skin color, or which side you part your hair. Your sin doesn’t matter to them, only their claim that it cannot be rectified by anything you do. You will always be guilty.

        When the 18th Century French monarchy and nobility class plundered their own people to the point of starvation, they paid for it with their lives. In times of social distress, the women don’t storm the Bastille, the men do. If the nobility class wished to plunder again, this time on a global level, the first order of business is to neuter the men. Your masculinity is toxic. It’s a crime against humanity. Do not behave like a man. It’s easiest to mug a man who willingly hands over his wallet without contest.

        If it becomes necessary to storm the Bastille again, we’re first going to have to go through our own women and children to get there. This is the depravity of the game being played. The money kings are putting society’s women and children in front themselves as a human shield in the hopes of stopping the men from slitting their throats again. They think they have it figured out this time.

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