“…well, when I called her ‘evil’, she just laughed…”






When I was a boy, I had a love of animals and the outdoors.


So as to caution me – but not dissuade me from either interest – my father told me:


“Realize, son, animals are more scared of you than you are of them.”




In short, when they bare their teeth, hiss or otherwise become agitated, understand this is borne of fear.


Not maliciousness.


Not cruelty.


Not even of ill-will, inherently.


It’s a way for the creature to cope with the terror and keep itself safe.


This lesson served me well with women, too.




See, the vast majority (I’d say ≥ 95%) of women that play “tough” are, at their core—




Odds are they had a very weak – if not completely absent – father figure.


This left them feeling twice as vulnerable as the average female.


Now, be sure to understand, dear reader, fear is a female’s default position.


So doubling that quality is no small alteration.




It’s a huge reason they are attracted to dangerous men (men are less likely to kill them if the woman in question is amenable to sex; also those men, once she ingratiates herself, are more likely to use their intimidating power to protect her).


It’s a reason they love “cute” things.


(They  ► respect ◄ men; they don’t love men, in the sense men employ the word.)


Cute” = “harmless” (babies, small animals, et al)




Indeed, it’s no coincidence we see the proliferation of “tank grrls” and “ass-kicking females” in an era where fathers are almost unheard of (by their choice or not).


So, am I saying all of those women are – at heart – just frightened, little girls?


(Permit me to be uncharacteristically clear, rather than my usually cryptic self.)




That’s exactly what I’m saying.




As far as what my male readers can do about it—


Carefully display strength.


Exude a controlled calm.


And, above all, remember:


Regardless as to how you may feel, you’re not the most frightened one in the room.







14 Responses to ““…well, when I called her ‘evil’, she just laughed…””

  1. Every time I think I’ve got it; you post something.

    This blog is easily one of the better ones plumbing the depths, and getting all the way down to it.

    Well done, Ace. Writ in whiskey, indeed.

    Have another shot.

    • Deti,

      I appreciate your saying so.

      You’ve been in these parts as long as I have so we’ve seen ’em come and seen ’em go.

      Stay well,


  2. You never disappoint, my friend. Damn.

    Questions, questions: all the “daddy issues” girls who are renowned for never bonding with anything but the most violent or heartless men; constant displays of sexual availability (real or perceived); pornstar-grade sex when you get it from them … are they perhaps casting as wide a net as possible, trying to ingratiate as many men as possible as quickly as possible? Forming a shield of men around themselves?

    It does seem that women hate them because they lower the bar for sexual availability to men, and raise the bar of mens’ expectations at the same time. That’s gotta be further isolatiing. (Yeah I’m digressing from the point here)

    It must be fear; it certainly can’t be hypergamous in the sense of “trading up” because a good number of their mate choices are not going to amount to much, and they have to know that. Girls trying to turn the Sword into a Really Badass Intimidating Plowshare.

    Thanks amigo, got some pond’r’ing ‘n’ ruminatin’ to do now!

    • JD,

      “You never disappoint, my friend. Damn”

      Many thanks; that means a great deal to me.

      Definitely ponder and we’ll catch up on the phone again soon.

      Stay well,


  3. I’ve long noticed (the past three years) a trepidation in girls I’ve been romantically involved with. Only I’ve gotten better at seeing it. Somehow I knew not to take it as a bad thing.

    The German girl, who had cancer, who claimed to love me literally shook with nervousness around me, the few times I saw her.

    This song is expertly chosen. It’s almost as if they crafted this song around your post rather than the other way around.


    • Wald,

      As time goes on, you’ll notice it more and more (for various reasons).

      “This song is expertly chosen. It’s almost as if they crafted this song around your post rather than the other way around.”

      Wow, thanks, man.

      Stay well,


    • Wald,

      If I had to guess, the fear was still there. It had just shifted. The fear with those girls was that they would lose you.

      At least, that is my read on it.

  4. […] moment thing. It comes about as a result of two posts intersecting in my mind today. The first is “well, when I called her ‘evil’, she just laughed” over at 80 Proof Oinomancy. I encourage everyone to read the whole thing, as it is pithy, in […]

  5. There’s nothing like a few good World Wars to wipe out two generations of men and leave a cornfield full of baby girls without a father. Europe’s dealing with the worst of it today. Russia somehow managed to skirt the backlash, probably because their total population is much larger than that of Germany, France or England, and because the bulk of their losses came through the collectivization process which involved starving everyone, not just the men.

    And in the end, we’ve turned the steering wheel over to a bunch of gals that have no idea how to operate the machinery. But the bankers are consolidated and safe, so we have that going for us.

    • Myopia,

      Excellent comment. I’d said many of the same things in an online philosophy group meeting approximately a year ago.

      I confess, however, I hadn’t been able to ascertain why many Eastern European (and technically Asian) countries seemed “spared”, for lack of a better word, the same specific dysgenic problem (though they suffered others, certainly). You have answered it for me quite well, now. Thank you.

      And, yeah, Lord knows I’m happy about bankers being safe and secure. 😐

      Before I close here, if I haven’t said it before:

      Thank you for the comment you left (years ago, now) at The Rational Male. To this day, it means a great deal to me.

      All the best to you & yours,


      • Ace,

        You articulate what many feel and that makes you a poet, which is normally a thankless job. Thank you.

  6. […] Recall, ► women default to fear ◄ so they have evolved to lean heavily toward living vicariously. […]

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